Northern territory gambling prevalence survey 2005

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the population prevalence of problem gambling - CiteSeerX May 8, 2012 ... B. Australian State/Territorial Adult Prevalence Studies of Problem Gambling .... “gambling survey” where at least $300 in annual gambling expenditure is ..... SOGS 5+ PY. CPGI/SOGS RATIO. Northern Territory. 2005. 5,264. Northern Territory Emergency Response (NTER) - "The Intervention ... Feb 21, 2019 ... In August 2006 the Northern Territory government commissioned .... But an ABS social survey showed that in 2005-06 (the year prior to the ... in town camps and cities, where alcohol and gambling is a problem, ..... A group of Indigenous leaders from the Northern Territory decide that the incidence of child ... Free to gamble: The roles of the gambling industry and policy in ... - IPA

and their accessibility to gambling (Wynne & McCready, 2005) ... Gambling in the Northern Territory is administered by the Department of Justice. Even ... Evidence from the 2007 British Gambling Prevalence Survey. Gambling Commission: University of Birmingham. Productivity Commission. (1999).

Northern Territory gambling prevalence survey 2005 - CORE Abstract   This report presents the results of the Northern Territory’s first gambling prevalence survey. It describes the socio-demographic characteristics of gamblers, estimates the level of problem gambling using two measures, and identifies the key characteristics of problem gamblers, It also reports on a socio-spatial analysis of the number of poker machines and poker machine ... Northern Territory gambling prevalence survey 2005 | APO

"Northern Territory 2005 gambling prevalence survey: an ...

F.M. is supported by an Australian Postgraduate Award. M.Y. conducted the 2005 problem gambling prevalence study in the Northern Territory, Australia. M.Y. currently receives research funding from the Community Benefit Fund (Northern Territory Government). Martin Young | APO Since the introduction of electronic gaming machines into public hotels (pubs) and clubs across most of Australia from the mid-1990s onwards, research attention has largely focused on the impact of gambling venues in densely-populated urban areas along the eastern seaboard.

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In Europe, the rate of problem gambling is typically 0.5 to 3 percent. The "British Gambling Prevalence Survey 2007", conducted by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, found approximately 0.6 percent of the adult population had problem gambling issues—the same percentage as in 1999. Problem Gambling within the Non-Indigenous Population of the ... This paper estimates, through the use of a telephone survey and the Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI), the prevalence of gambling and problem gambling among the non-indigenous population of the Northern Territory, Australia. Northern Territory Government Newsroom “Gambling has a considerable impact on Territory communities and families and the Territory Labor government will take an evidence based approach, working with key stakeholders.” The latest Northern Territory Gambling Prevalence and Wellbeing Survey is currently being finalised. Datasets and statistics | Australian Gambling Research Centre Data from the Productivity Commission's National Gambling survey conducted in 1999 is available via the Australian Data Archive. Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) A number of gambling-related releases have been made through the ABS relating to the size and structure of the gambling industry.