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Research Ketchum in the Surnames forums on, the new GenForum! ... Travis/ Traverse in Ketcham family. Lynn Cvechko 4/28/14. Edward"Eddy"Ketchum(1802-1884)

An Unexpected Christmas Series / Sermon 2 / Ruth and ... An Unexpected Christmas Series / Sermon 2 / Ruth and Bathsheba December 16, 2012 Okay, if you have your Bible or your Bible app, open up to Matthew 1. We’ll get there in a few minutes: Matthew 1.1. Some of us think it’s kind of fun, kind of funny, to have some scoundrels in our family tree. Now this FACT CHECK: Horse Thief Ancestor - This item is merely a very old bit of humor (dressed up with an accompanying photograph of train-robbing outlaw Tom “Black Jack” Ketchum) ... Reid’s Swinging Family Tree a Mere Web Spoof.” ...

Lucien Maxwell's family continued to live at the old Fort after his death. ... On July 16, 1899, bullets began raining down on Black Jack Ketchum's Turkey .... cattle and planted the fruit trees that can still be seen in what is now Mills Canyon.

Tom Ketchum - Wikipedia First train robberies and murders. Tom Ketchum was born in San Saba County, Texas.He left Texas in 1890, possibly after committing a crime. He worked as a cowboy in the Pecos River Valley of New Mexico, where by 1894, his older brother, Sam Ketchum, had joined him. Black Jack and a group of others were named as the robbers of an Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway train that was en route to ...

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Claudia Balboni : Black Jack Ketchum is a story where you can relive the excitement of the Old West, and combine it with the distress and the sense of surrealism youBalboni : Tom Ketchum is a man involved in a case of mistaken identity, unaware of the long and distressing journey that he must face. Комикс Черный Джек Кетчум / Black Jack Ketchum Комикс Черный Джек Кетчум: Весь Дикий Запад на ушах - за грозного бандита Черного Джека Кетчума назанчена крупная награда. Все, от мелкой шпаны с оружием до властительных людей из высших чинов, преследуют Кетчума. Погодите, но ведь имя преследуемого Том. Tom Ketchum (Black Jack Ketchum) | Image Comics Database Tom Ketchum was an ordinary man who was hunted by bounty hunters by accident. His resemblance to Black Jack Ketchum was uncanny and he couldn't prove he wasn't the wanted man. The Judge had wanted posters distributed to the Dusters in order to bring Tom to him. Best Jack Ketchum Books | List of Popular Jack Ketchum

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The Blast at Steins Pass Black Jack Ketchum's Gang vs Three Express ... Jul 15, 2014 ... The Black Jack Ketchum gang members probably thought they were .... know all his history until I started doing research on our family tree.