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Snapcall - To Snap Call in a Poker Hand To call quickly, as in the "snap" of one's fingers. When to Snap Call. These are some instances when it might be reasonable to snap call: When you have the nuts; When your hand is decent and your opponent is a donk; When you're feeling bored and distracted SNAP définition poker | Lexique poker : définitions ... Définition de Snap dans le lexique poker. Préfixe à une action pour indiquer qu'elle est faite instantanément. Ainsi, on rencontre snapcall (call instantané) et snapfold (fold instantané). Definition of Snap Call - Definition of Snap Call What does the term "snap call" mean in the world of poker? What is the definition of the term "snap call"? In poker, a "snap call" occurs when a player calls an all-in bet without thinking for even a second. In most cases, one of three things has happened: 1) The player "snap calling" has the nuts Good call or snap fold here? : poker -

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Play 888poker fast-paced and action-packed SNAP games To view SNAP Tournaments via 888poker software, click on 'SNAP' >> 'SNAP Tournaments' for complete list. In Snap Tournaments , players have the option of (1) folding before the action gets to them and being dealt into a new hand immediately, or (2) waiting their turn to act and then playing out the rest of the hand like normal. snap fold or can i call? - Poker Advice - PocketFives 888 Poker Mobile Review 888 Poker Review Nevada Poker Sites ... Poker Advice ; snap fold or can i call? Poker Advice; 0; Sign in to ... Posted June 6, 2010. sorta thought he missed a draw but the bet was purdy big can i iever call this? Full Tilt Poker Game #21405772363: $2 + $0.20 Rebuy (164848340), Table 34 - 200/400 Ante 50 - No Limit Hold ...

Сделал программку для отображения статистики на быстрых столах Снап. Требуется HM2, .Net Framework 4. Может не работать, если вы используете вспомогательные программы, типа 888Caption, которые изменяют шрифт...

Snap Poker is a fast-fold poker format designed to minimize the waiting time between the moment you fold a hand until a new hand is dealt. Snap Poker is played both in ring game and tournament formats. In Snap Poker, players join a “ Players Pool ” and are randomly re-seated at a different table in each and every hand that they play. Snap Poker 888Poker - Fast Fold Poker Game - 888Poker

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Правила snap poker 888, можно ли использовать HUD в… Описание игры Snap poker на 888: правила, достоинства и недостатки, интенсивность смены столов и розыгрыша рук, советы по игре вSnap poker на 888 — формат быстрого покера, разработанного специально для рума 888 покер. Если в обычных покерных турнирах за час... Snap покер - отличная вариация турбо турниров