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I feel the stock market is akin to gambling. (poker, a game of both luck and skill as opposed to a slot machine.) My friends say that it’s not the same, but I don’t understand how that’s true. When you look at companies like GM, enron, Bernie Madof and so on, I don’t see how it’s not gambling. After all, they looked like solid investments with good track records and people who ... Is investing in the Stock Market Really Like Gambling? •... Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash Investing vs Gambling If you believe that investing in the stock market is basically like gambling, then you’ll most likely shy away from investing. But worry not. Though investing has been compared to gambling, I am here to share with you how investing is not like gambling. At the end of … Is investing in stocks like gambling? - BrainMass Evaluate this statement: Playing the stock market is like gambling. Such speculative investing has no social value, other than the pleasure people get from this form of gambling. Ken Langone: Stock market a casino now, but investors can still... Trading in the stock market nowadays is like gambling, says billionaire businessman and philanthropist Ken Langone. "The only hope you have is to own great companies, put them away and don't look ...

Do you think that stock trading is stock market gambling? That is true if you know nothing about it. Actually, this is a business and an art when you learn about it. Different people have different opinions about stock markets. There is a section of people who consider working in stock market is like a high class gambling.

Going All-In: Comparing Investing And Gambling - Investopedia Jan 4, 2019 ... How many times during a discussion with friends about investing have you heard someone utter, "Investing in the stock market is just like ...

Discusses parimutuel betting and its similarities to stock-market investing. Draws on two examples, those of Bill Benter and Edward Thorp, to illuminate similarities between gambling and investing. Presents a justification for treating investing as a branch of gambling while recommending a...

Gambling vs. Investing: Casinos and the Stock Market

Apr 21, 2019 ... When I ask them why almost all say because the stock market is like gambling to them. Does this sound like you? If yes, read on!

When it comes to the stock market, there’s a fine line between gambling and investing. Sometimes it’s hard to tell the two apart. Both strategies attempt to make money in the market and the differences can be so subtle as to go unnoticed.